Monday, 11 July 2016

The Road not taken...

Mr Anand didnt know it was the last morning walk of his life. On the pleasant june morning, as he left his house, he had no idea that he would never return. As he was jogging on the road side, a speeding car came charging right at him. Frantically, he tried to jump on the footpath but it was too late. The car threw him few metres away banging him into a tree and a car nearby. Passerby immediately went to help him, however all was in vain. The driver was later taken into custody but it couldn't undo that mornings dark event.
"With power comes great responsibilities" -- A well said quote whose meaning has been lost over the years. Each new development that crosses our path every day, not only gives us power to create but also design an alternative of destruction.
Vehicle is one of the most amazing inventions humankind ever created. Today, one cant even imagine what life would have been without vehicles. But I wonder, if the inventor had seen the above video or the several others that get recorded everyday & titled 'Road Accidents', would he have developed vehicles afterall ?
Road accidents are today as common as bread in a bakery. Reasons are several, so lets begin.
Starting from the most prevalent cause, iinefficient law enforcement. You dont have a helmet, no seat belt, drunk & still driving, speeding at about thrice the speed problem a few bucks, a few calls & you will be back on road instead of the jail. Funny as it may appear, it is indeed the true story of most cities & towns in India. Next are the distractions, be it cell phones, animals or large advertisements which cover the roadsides. Overloading on two wheelers, red light jumping, improper lane driving & overtaking are some of the stupidities which youth today finds "Coooool". Inappropriate construction of roads with several pits & open manholes haven't failed to claim several lives too.
Organisations like IRSC which have been working to create awareness about road accidents are the need of the hour. By collaborating with several colleges, these organisations are aiming at the youth who need to understand this issue the most. On our own small level, we must follow the basic road safety rules. Even the government must take measures like Kerela, where no petrol will be provided to two wheeler drivers without helmet ( to be implemented from 1 August).

Shikha Singh

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