Monday, 26 February 2018

Millennium || IRSC

At times the questions with the most obvious answers are often asked. So is , "is road safety
really important?" Even when the
slowest animal - the "turtle" knows how important a helmet is. Maybe no ! Because had it been
one would you would have atleast once wondered the puppy you killed had its mumma sitting
up waiting for it to come home but it is dead , the 19 year old could have reached his sister's
wedding on two legs and not four shoulders . And not everyday someone would have lost his
life not in peace but on the racing roads resulting to 29,989 fatal crashes in 2014 alone leading
to 32,675 deaths .
Which is self explanatory of the severity of this burning issue. So as is asked " Is road safety
Maybe no , because traffic lights would not just alone would be obeyed because of the fear of
chalaan. Maybe no , because hairstyle matter more than helmets . Maybe no, otherwise seat
belts would have been worn just as scents. Maybe no , otherwise the black and white zebra
cross would not have lost its significance in the colourful world . Maybe no, because the red
lights are now just the decorations on the road . Maybe no , because the speed limits are not
taken with the same seriousness as the 1GB data limit. Maybe no , because headfones would
have let the horns be heard. Maybe no , because manholes are no more considered to be
covered . Maybe no , because cards would have been given to kids for play not cars. Maybe no,
because safety symbols are not memorised as the emojis. Maybe no , because getting the
pollution control checked is not as important as checking Facebook.
And the list might never find an end.
As it is often quoted " rules are made to be broken " why don't they mention about the bones.
Keep extra time to reach your destination not extra speed. And wait for the red , if you do not
wish to end up dead . Else , otherwise even its way better to be
late ,than be mister late.
As even normal speed can meet your need,
because when you gamble with safety you bet your life.
Remember ,
Accidents don't happen they are caused.
Once these seeds of enlightenment have their roots penetrating deep into each and everyone's
conscious will we be able to see a change in the society towards a better tomorrow and a
perfect fortnight.