Wednesday, 5 April 2017

"Take it easy driving - the life you save may be mine." Adage attribution James Dean.

Having read the statistics that state : "There is one death every four minutes due to road accident in India", "16 children die on Indian roads daily." I feel extremely saddened and traumatized. With over 1,30,000 deaths annually, road accidents have earned India a dubious distinction.

The fact that India has the highest number of road accidents in the world scares my wits as I imagine myself become victim of any such accident, but what scares me even more is to think "what if I victimise somebody", the very fact that I might become the reason for somebody's else's death is dreadful. Extremely dreadful.

Having noticed that, we blame one another for being the reason behind these life preying accidents itself is an indication that there is an immense need for us to understand and improve our own fallacies. These fallacies on a very minimalistic view include: over speeding, red light crossing, not wearing helmets/seat belts, drunken driving and forge licensing. However, bad road design and poor maintenance of roads are definitely some core reasons that increase major digits in list of deceased.

It is time for us to start working on our personal level in order to reduce the number of deaths. If this is not done with our at most urgency then we, our children and their children too might loose the opportunity to experience the joy of that extra mile where there are no traffic jams. Because life has a lot to show you and in the words of Robert Frost, no road should be left unexplored being "The Road Not Taken."

PS: Never let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey.

Bhumika Saraswati