Sunday, 10 July 2016


Family is not an important thing. It's everything.

One of my uncle, who is like my father is a resident of Gurgaon.
As usual, he was going to his office, but unfortunately something happened, which was distressing. While he was crossing Rajiv Chowk of Gurgaon, he met with an accident.
One car took wrong turn and hit his bike. His bike was dragged with the car and and then he went about 200  m away. He became injured critically.
Police helped him and he was sent to the hospital.

As he was wearing helmet, so he was saved. But his injuries were severe.

This incident impacted me a lot. I couldn't understand whom should I blame, the car driver or the government for not creating good road's design or my uncle himself for not driving properly. I analysed this situation a lot. Why this accident actually happened? What adverse situation would have been created? What is the law against such accidents?
There were many other questions in my mind. I was a bit confused.

Then I came to know about "Indian Road Safety Campaign". I really praise the effort of this team , because this type of efforts are really needed. Actually their activities and research helped me to understand the situation. I even suggested my family and friends to follow them to avoid such accidents in future. Many more initiatives like this should be taken to make our country a safe place.


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