Friday, 16 August 2019

Road Safety - A disregarded notion

                       Road Safety - A disregarded notion

We are in the 21st century. No doubt we have seen a lot of revolutions in the areas of infrastructure, education, communication, life sciences, aeronautics and what not ! This is known as 'Modernization'. So, would it be safe to assume that the more we modernize the vigilant we become ? This has not been the case so far, and rather we have turned into even more ignorant individuals, not paying attention to the topics important for the betterment of the masses. 

One such topic is road safety. We all are well aware of its concept, yet we refuse to follow the rules, for which the reasons might be many. According to World Health Organization, road accidents claim about 1.5 lakh lives annually. Talking about numbers further, the road accidents prove to be financially suppressing on the economy of the country, with an annual cost of around 4.07 lakh crores. This menace has harmed the human as well as the monetary resources of the nation. If this can’t serve as an eye opener, then maybe nothing can.

Over-speeding, rash driving, jumping red lights, not following traffic rules; all these are considered “cool” among the youngsters, but after looking at the current traffic scenario, it's best we make a shift from being irresponsible to being alert on the roads. The need for road safety measures isn't hidden from any. Even If one simply obeys the traffic rules and follows all the regulations, that will be enough.

Many national and international organisations have been working on the cause of making the roads around the world safe for all, and through their programs, are creating sustainable impact. For instance, the "U.N. Global Road Safety Week" is one such program started by the United Nations to promote stronger leadership among individuals for achieving road safety targets, and allow them to speak up for road safety issues so that necessary actions can be taken. At the national level, many NGOs have taken up the responsibility of spreading awareness about the same. Indian Road Safety Campaign, started by the students and the alumni of IIT-Delhi, is India;s largest youth-led organisation that aims to reduce the number of road accidents to half by 2020. 
In an effort to help those who are stranded on roads, and to make their journey hassle-free, it has come up with 'iSAFE Assist', a 24*7 emergency care and roadside assistance service that ensures your vehicle becomes worthy enough of hitting the roads again. 

Visit the website to know more about iSAFE Assist -


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