Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Zainab Batool_iSafeExpressia

The day I realised the need to follow safe road practices
Category: Poetry
A busy life
This life indeed is a busy one,
With thousands of demands and a little time;
We have too many places to be,
Too many meetings, still in line;
No time to stop, no time to breathe,
The cars rush past on a busy street;
But if you could find a few minutes to spare,
Then listen to my story, take a back seat.
It was just another day,
Of this mundane schedule,
When I learnt a lesson,
Discovered a golden rule;
Sitting quietly in the car,
As it picked up speed,
I picked up the phone,
There was a message to read.
Then the car in front abruptly stopped,
Pulling the breaks, I flew forward dangerously;
In that moment, my heart beat paused,
As my head hit the panel in front of me;
But a caring force had held me back,
Gripping me firmly in its hold;
I looked down at the broad black belt,
Smiling at me, wise and old;
Maybe you think this story’s old,
And probably, you’ve been there too,
And in that moment, I realised,
Practicing road safety is the right thing to do.
Life may be fast, but there is no point,
In being too fast, and losing life;
Life may be fast, but there’s no point,
Walking on the edge of a sharpened knife;
What a pity it is to lose this gift,
To nothing but haste and carelessness!
So be wise and follow the rules,
And drive off safely to happiness.
Name: Zainab Batool

College: Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women

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